Deliziami is a wholesale distributor of Parma food excellence. Since 1974, Parma ham and Felino salami have been produced in the cured meat factory “Salumificio San Paolo” owned by some of our members. Like the San Paolo, we also produce a top quality sliced cured meat served in an innovatively designed tray: with rounded edges that adapts perfectly to the display cabinets and allows you to place the slices with a soft wave.


The company’s brand “Delìziami” was born in order to wholesale products of our cured meat factory, and many others in addition to those of our production, like cheese, pasta, porcini, jams and more. All of them are made by small producers from Parma and within its province. The company is located right in the middle of Food Valley, where the foothills of Parma arise. Thanks to our long experience in food production and food processing, we can rely on the knowledge to offer only the best products in terms of quality. We are constantly committed to promote and spread the taste of Food Valley around the world. Prosciutto di Parma Dop, Parmigiano Reggiano Dop are the best known among our food excellence, but there are many other food products worthy of being discovered and tasted

Food Valley